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Chancery Quarters WC2 London
29 11 Chancery Lane Night Web Copy

Perfectly mid town. Chancery Lane is a classic, distinguished thoroughfare. It is a vital address to the dynamic, highest echelons of the legal industry. It, however, retains a charm and chivalry of an earlier era. It is, indeed, a very short stroll to the Old Curiosity Shoppe as written about by Dickens. It is that kind of neighbourhood.

As a place to live it makes convincingly good sense. At 124 Chancery Lane there is about to be a conclusive statement about elegant and erudite urbane living.


When acquiring a beautiful property is making history.

Chancery Lane dates back to 1161. Ede and Ravenscroft is London’s oldest tailoring house. The company was established on Chancery Lane.

A little further up is the London Silver Vault.
The Lane cuts through the very centre of the ancient legal district. Many significant and historic decisions have been cast on, and around Chancery Lane. Until now, however, there have been very few residential addresses on the Lane. Certainly, there has been nothing, to date,
of the scale, or standard, of Chancery Quarters.

Strange, really as it is difficult to imagine a more idyllic location for the contemporary urbane home. It was heritage, character and location that inspired us to create Chancery Quarters.

The result of the pursuit is thirty five exquisite, distinguished and very special apartments.
The question, now, is why it took so long.


A Heritage of Quality

Halamar small

Halamar is a revered brand built on a very traditional commitment to quality.

Their pursuit is a dignified and uncompromised quest to create buildings to the very highest possible standards. These buildings, and the company itself, are distinguished by a sense of permanence. We work with discerning people who share our belief in quality and our understanding that building is not a trade but more a passionately tended craft.

A Thought on Heritage.

Whilst we are respectful and informed by traditional qualities we, equally, embrace technology. Heritage keeps moving. A Halamar home is a study in exquisite and timeless grace. It is also a precise, efficient and meticulously detailed piece of contemporary design. Intelligent luxury demands that aesthetic beauty is aligned with responsibility and performance. We are proud of our reputation. It was established by the beautiful, stately andimposing buildings that carry our signature. The very privileged people who live in our buildings adore them not because of visual opulence or extravagant statements of status. They love them because they enable, intuitively, an effortlessly pleasurable way of living.


Chancery Quarters
124, Chancery Lane
London, WC2 1PT

To arrange a viewing contact CBRE +44 20 7182 2005

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